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I resonate deeply with this. My personal experience is that my “symptoms” get stronger when I am out of sync with my body/energy and they cease to exist when I tune into what is meant to be embodied, what WANTS to be lived through me (hope it makes sense). It’s actually a very powerful way to make me live my true essence - it’s like a tiger mother slapping me back to track when I get sidetracked :-)) Thank you for writing about (peri)menopause!

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You know, every single word resonates with me. I’m in what feels like a long cycle of having to let go of a whole lot of patterns, behaviour and ways of being that really don’t work for me anymore. It’s brutal in places, but I know it’s also an initiatory gift. I can feel it in my bones. Even though part of me is screaming inside.

Lots of ways of living that are juts not working anymore. (Probably never really did, I juts hadn’t paid enough attention).

Thanks for the voice of sanity.

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